Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tons of updates

kvc has sent in several interesting articles for us to post. Thanks, kvc!

First, there is an interview from The Nevada Appeal.

To observe that a French actress is beautiful is ordinarily an exercise in the incredibly obvious. But given Marion Cotillard’s titanic and tortured performance in “La Vie en Rose” — in which she twists, bends and mutilates her physique to re-create the legendary chanteuse Edith Piaf — the transformation is unforgettable. Lithe, buoyant and with eyes so blue they put the Pacific to shame, Cotillard had just won a best actress Golden Globe when interviewed at the Chateau Marmont.

Read the whole thing here.

Next, The Telegraph ran an article on Cotillard after her triumphant win at the BAFTAs:

"I was not the one the financiers wanted to see in this role," she told me, shortly before the British release of the film last June. "It's not hard to guess who they would have preferred, and, frankly, if I'd had to cast someone to play Piaf, I would also have chosen [Da Vinci Code star] Audrey Tautou. She's far better known at an international level, far more bankable than me."

Read the entire article here.

Next, The Hollywood Reporter ran an analysis of this year's Oscar acting categories. In a nutshell, they label Marion a dark horse, but that the race is so close it's hard to pick the winner.

If the votes were tallied today, chances are only a handful would separate Julie Christie in Lionsgate's "Away From Her" and Marion Cotillard in Picturehouse's "La Vie en Rose."

Read all four parts here.

kvc also sends in this tidbit about the BAFTAs, TIME, and the odds in Vegas:

There's a delicious moment on a video (on youtube, one of two titled "Keira Knightley at the BAFTA"). It starts out with a man asking Marion, if she doesn't win the BAFTA, whom she would like to see win it. Then the reporter introduces the two of them. Keira says she thinks Marion should win. You probably already know all this, but it really tickled me. When the reporter said, "Here's Keira Knightley," Marion says, like a fan, "Oh, I love her."

The betting in Las Vegas, which was done by people who probably never go to the movies at all, had Christie heavily touted; now it's beginning to change in Marion's favor. As already mentioned, TIME MAGAZINE has already chosen Marion the winner.

Here is, I believe, the video kvc is talking about:

Here's hoping Marion and Keira work together in the future! Both are incredibly talented, and they seem to like and respect one another greatly.

And for those of you who can't play embedded videos, so the link to the video is here.

Again, thanks to kvc for the head's up!


Thanks to oliver for bringing this to my attention.

Nancy O'Dell spoke to Marion at the Oscar luncheon about her nomination. The video can't be embedded, but you can view the very adorable interview here.


OliverGbyrne said...

Thanks K allso Access hollywood have a brand new video of Marion on there site taken during the oscar luncheon hee's the link:

clare isabella said...

The guy says at the end "I hope you both win", does he realise how it works? Lovely video is so sweet when Marion says "Wooow, I love her!"

I love this blog by the way. I'm checking it every day it's awesome! Really really hoping she wins the Oscar.

poppy said...

Oh, I forgot, Marion was at the Cesar Luncheon in Paris yesterday. There are pictures on the net, somewhere.

Eegah said...

Hmm...Tautou...interesting. She's a delightful actress, but I just cannot imagine her putting the same fierce emotional complexity into the role, not to mention resembling Piaf so uncannily. Great updates, thanks!