Sunday, February 3, 2008

SBIFF Virtuoso Awards


maria said...

I love James McAvoy even more now :)

Dorothy Porker said...

Oh my God, I was just saying the exact same thing!

Eegah said...

It irks me how they don't mention her name in the initial line-up. Casey is so right about the Oscars...McAvoy is his usual charming self. Amy is glowing...Ellen seems genuine...and MARION, she's gorgeous as ever. Thanks for thiiis.

oliverGbyrne said...

Ho I LOVE JAMES NOW!!!! hahaha
It's nice that he actually said er name to that lady who obviusly didnt bother much with her before hand .

k said...

Haha, James McAvoy calling Marion Cotillard one of his favorites totally makes up for that moronic interviewer leaving her out of the initial lineup.

OliverGbyrne said...

Poor Marion she allways get ignored by the interviewer , they get on my nerves,its like they only have eyes for Hellene Page and Juno !!!
Hey Check what I have found on the net it's funny its a guy who worked on A good day that talks about Marion I find it very sweet and funny :

Anonymous said...

Marion makes no mistake, and this is what is important.

I suppose she now has an efficient american management and we can see she is very well advised. She is naturally a very sweet and warm human being, i am sure she will connect with the american audience.

She must build up step by step a strong fanbase in her new environment and learn how to speak a flawless american english with a good workable accent. At 32 years old, it is not too late to learn when you have the support of a good language coach and with a lot of everyday practice. She will spend most of 2008 in America, as she has to shoot two english speaking movies, with good supporting roles to start with. Good training for her.

In 2009 she will have to be able to take leading parts in English.

That's a lot of work ahead of her, but Marion is a serious girl.

poppy said...

Public enemies has a shooting schedule of 60 days (30 in Chicago and 30 in Wisconsin), of that Marion is realistically going to be required for around half (maybe even less). Nine is set to shoot in August, but going ahead in its original form is looking shakier and shakier, with the others (Cruz etc. now taking other jobs). In any case it should be a pretty straight forward shoot: not too much location works, special effects, working around children etc., so what it should take around 2/3 months. Again Marion will probably be required for about half the time. Isn’t she supposed to shoot a French movie somewhere in Africa too?

Anonymous said...

Marion likes when she can do her homeworks before shooting and i think she is right. This is one of the reasons why she is a good performer.

She will have to prepare herself carefully and specially when she has to take parts with singing performances in both films, and to shoot in a foreign language. She has to prepare herself when she is not on set for shooting.

When the shootings will start, she will have to concentrate on acting and performing, not on speaking in english.

Her french film will be shot in Africa at the end of the year, then she will have to come back to the US in December when this movie with Depp and Christian Bale will be released.

And then, a new Oscar race will start again as "Public Enemies will probably be an Oscar vehicle and will get a few nominations for best film, or best directing, or best casting. I suppose Michael Mann is not doing this project just for the fun of it.

So i can see Marion spending most of this year in America.

OliverGbyrne said...

Personally I wouldnt lie her to drop French project , I love her French movie better then the American ones so far because well she has much more to do in them and I allso feel European flms have a sensibility American film dosnt have unless its an independant movie.
Plus I love her original speaking voice.I just saw "la vie en l'air" and she was again the best thing about the film.

poppy said...

I hope she won't drop it either, it looks interesting. I doubt she will be involved in Oscar hype for Public Enemies, if there is any, I think her part will be too small. I think realistically she will spend as much time in the various locations as anyone else in the films, after all most of the cast will live in different cities, different countries. America, itself, is like a number of countries rolled into one. As it is she will probably be away, filming, for around half the year (with filming in Africa and all)