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Marion on French TV

Check out the comments section for a great translation by delsa.


Delsa said...

Ok, here's my attempt at a translation. It's weird. I hate those kind of shows but well, I'll watch them any day for Marion.

[Le Grand Journal (Biggest French pay tv channel Canal +'s most important daily show)'s gingle with presentator Michel Denisot]

M.D :Here we are with... [says the name of the guests, must have been after an advertising break...].

Tonight Marion Cotillard made world cinema's history by becoming the first French actress to ever win the biggest movie award for a French-speaking film : the Oscar for her performance in La Môme [The Kid, French title of La Vie En Rose].

Laurent Weil [Canal +'s movie specialized journalist since what...15 years maybe?...] is in Los Angeles with Marion Cotillard.

Good evening to you both. Good evening Marion. Le Grand Journal's audience is applauding you. You've got the Oscar in your hands.

L.W : Here it is, Michel.

M.D : Of course we want to know everything. We're going to ask you a lot of questions. First this extremely simple one :What did you feel when you heard Forest Whitaker saying your name?

Marion [with a broken voice... Too much partying?! lol) : I haven't really analysed this situation yet. Well, my heart started to beat very strongly when the best actress category came. I didn't think I'd be in such a state in fact. And...erm... yes, I was overwhelmed by so many things. So, yeah...Overwhelmed. I'd say that is the good word maybe.

M.D : So the bottom-line of your acceptance speech was very short, very poetic...

Marion : Yes, but you know it has to be short!

M.D : Yes, I know. The Oscar time limit is 45 seconds if I'm not mistaken. [Marion in the background : Yes, that's it.] But it was very heartfelt/spot-on and very moving. Was it pre-written or spontaneous?

Marion : Erm... Well it was the very first time that I had actually tried to prepare something and in fact I completely forgot all that I had prepared [LOL! But that was to be expected...] so I tried to make do with what was at hand/to get by as best as I could. [laughs a bit embarassed]

M.D. : And it came out great. We will see this moment again.

L.W. : I'd like to point out [M.D in the background : Yes, Laurent...] that Marion said that there were really angels in the "City Of Angels" and I found it very nice.

Marion : Yeah... well, yes... This particular idea came to me on the morning...

M.D. : So let's see this historical moment again.

[show Ze extract, lol]

A.M [another host Ariane Massenet] : So Marion... You can get the girl out of France but you can't get France out of the girl. You were wearing a magnifiscent dress by French couturier Jean-Paul Gautier, right? And is this Oscar the end of the buckle since you won the César, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA as well...? Is this a sad ending, a relief?

Marion : No, I'm happy it is getting to an end. This adventure was so beautiful. It started more than two years ago already when counting the preparation and the shooting. So yesterday night was in a way the final "clap" [you know this movie-making accessory? Same word in English, isn't it?] of this journey, at least for me because our film is still there continuing its proper adventure. But it was a great final clap.

M.D : How did the evening went?

Marion : Well, the show is rather funny in fact. There are a lot of advertisement breaks so it is not like the César at all. There are times for pausing a bit...

[All the hosts in Paris together : No! After, after! What about the after-parties?]

Marion : Oooohhh. Well, a whirlwing. I met a lot of great people.

L.W : You gave a lot of interviews I assume. With some American tv channels, notably.

Marion : Yes, after there are press rooms and everything. We are asked to give interviews, pause for photos. And then, there are different parties to which you are invited. And we ended up in Prince's house in which he was doing a concert with Stevie Wonder. It was quite surreal. [laughs]

[Everybody is impressed]

M.D : What were the compliments which touched you most?

Marion : Oh. It's complicated to repeat the compliments I've been told, well at least to do it myself. But...

A.M : It's said that you met George Clooney on the eve of the cermony and he said to you that he had adored the movie. Is it true?

Marion : Yes. And it was somewhat funny because we had already met before and [problem with her ear system] he had already told me that he had found the film fantastic and in fact it wasn't true! [laughs] He admitted to me 2 days before that he only saw it a week ago and that then, yes, he had loved it. So, indeed it is rather pleasant to receive compliments from people like him.

L.W : Just to inform you, Michel and Ariane, that during the red carpet interviews conducted by Dider Allouche [the guy making the Oscar night coverage in France], all the persons who stopped by to answer, had a[n unprompted] word for Marion Cotillard. We felt the buzz gaining momentum it was absolutely incredible.

We experienced this live on Canal +. All the actresses and actors : Clooney, Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz... seemed impressed by Marion's performance.

And many newspapers, wether from New York or Los Angeles this morning have Marion Cotillard and Forest Whitaker on their first pages [shows one].

It's true that we didn't get much sleep last night. I watched the television here during most of the night and Marion Cotillard is dubbed "The French little mermaid" because she had a JPG dress with sparkling scales indeed so that's how they nicknamed her during this night.

[the audience applauds]

M.D. : Thank you. Now you've made world cinema's history by interpreting the role of a star in her own right, by embodying Édith Piaf which is also quite particular and original in movies.

Marion : Yes, it is true that the journey of the movie is quite astonishing regarding what she lived here [in the US] when she arrived and the way she was welcomed in the US. It is true that i can't help making some comparisaons with what I have been living and the way I've been so welcomed here.

A.M : Speaking of this, you said that Olivier Dahan had changed your life. How do you imagine this new life?

Marion : Well, right now I don't imagine it. I live it. It's true it's been two years that I didn't spend much time back in France. Tomorrow, I fly to Chicago to shoot a movie by Michael Mann. I'm going to spend 3 months there. So that's the way, my life has changed. In all the great persons I meet, in this chirlwind which I enjoy enormously so far.

M.D. : You sang a bi in the press room. If you're ready to do it again, we could hear you now or if not we will show this clip of you yesterday night again.

Marion : Oh no, please. Yesterday I still had a little bit of my voice left. [laughs] I don't know what went through my head. I sang a bit of Padam. I was overjoyed so...

M.D.: Yes, so we'll use the last seconds we have left of this liaison with you in Los Angeles to wish you a great continuation to your career, a great life [he actually says that...], a great shooting of your next movie [Marion : Thank you.] And all France is proud of you. It's a simple but sincere message, like yours.

[All the audience cheers]

M.D. : Thanks lot Marion Cotillard. And thank you Laurent. We will end this meeting by listening to your singing. It was last night in front of our American counterparts.

[Shows the extract, the audience cheers]

M.D : Oscar for Best Actress, yesterday night, for her role in La Môme.

The End. ;-)

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You ROCK, delsa. THANK YOU!

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thank you SO much for the translation! You just "rocked my life" :-p

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