Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marion Cotillard Winning the Golden Globe

Let's all go back to last month when the Golden Globe awards were announced. As you remember, there was no ceremony, but a rather dreary press conference instead. Here's Marion, friends, agents, and Olivier Dahan making a cameo in the documentary "Mon Clown":I'd love to see this docu in its entirety, but, alas, it's only airing on French television. Here's hoping a dedicated fan will load it to YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.

Here's her AMC Shootout appearance:

Finally, a lovely interview with Craig Ferguson:


Anonymous said...

Another interview of Marion by Laurent Weil on CANAL+

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and Marion Cotillard !
About the documenary "Mon Clown" it will be airing on 14th March (if I well remember) so we have to wait a little before watching it !

Eegah said...

Good to finally Ferguson interview! He's a bit of a knob but she's well able for him :P

Soooo anxious for tonight!

Delsa said...

Love the turning down of all the lights and the grumbling between her teeth lol "It's always the same. It's the 14th of July or what?! Oh you're annoying letting this turned on"...LOL I guess Melanie Laurent was right : she's REALLY that much into her "green thing"

Anonymous said...

nice article:
'The Kid' Marion Cotillard Wins in Paris,,20168763_20180053,00.html