Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another win for Marion?

Rebecca Leffler, of The Hollywood Reporter, writes that Marion picked up another Best Actress award from The Golden Star Awards in Paris last night:

Oscar favorite and Golden Globe winner "La Vie en Rose" star Marion Cotillard had to share the spotlight with "Anna M."'s Isabelle Carre for the best actress award.

I'll do a little investigating into The Golden Star Awards, because I can't seem to find anything on them anywhere.

Anybody able to help me out here?


Thanks to Amely! The Golden Star Awards -- Les Étoiles d'Or de la Presse du Cinéma Français -- are French cinema awards given away by journalists and critics. La Vie en Rose was up for Best Film but didn't win. The official website is here. Here is what Marion won:

It's rather pretty, I think.


Anonymous said...

it's a french award "étoiles d'or du cinema", 12 awards given by 700journalists and critics


Amely said...

i didn't "choose an identity" earlier, so again it's Amely..
if you want an article in english for the award: http://www.altfg.com/blog/awards/etoiles-dor-2007/

strange to have ex-aequo in 2 categories!

i didn't find photos of the event. For the record, this award is not really known , except for cinema specialists (you can find article in "premiere.fr" website etc)

k said...

Thanks for the info!

I believe she is currently in Paris...it's very possible she was at the reception. I'll start hunting for some pictures of the event.

Kit van Cleave said...

I was curious about what the French press was doing about Marion. Thanks for the details.

Amely said...

seems like she wasn't there...
in the gettyimages website, you can find the winners photos by "francois guillot", there is one with isabelle carré the best actress ex aequo winner, but no one with Marion...
Maybe she is taking a little break, remember the strange interview done last week with Daphné Roulier i sent you (http://www.canalplus.fr/index.php?pid=2227) , people are already joking about it http://www.purepeople.com/4245-Video-Marion-Cotillard-l-interview-de-trop-.html

poppy said...

She's proberly exhausted, and wants to stay at home for a bit. She kept mentioning how much she missed being at home in recent articles. I think, the last month in LA, was actually very hard on her. Plus the paps wasted no time in tracking her down in Paris, there are pictures of her at, what I presume, is Gare du Nord, when she just got back from London.

I hope she has a break after the Oscar's, and can be at home for a bit. She really seems to need it.