Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Envelope talks to Marion

The Envelope talks to Marion at yesterday's Oscar luncheon (click image to play):

And The Dish Rag's Elizabeth Snead had this to say:

"La Vie en Rose" best actress nominee Marion Cotillard looked fresh as a proverbial daisy in a floral print sundress by Elie Saab, although she conceded that it looked a bit Pradaesque.
ALSO, the 80th Oscar Yearbook photo has been released. Marion was front and center, sitting near Viggo Mortenson, George Clooney, Sarah Polley, Julie Christie, Casey Affleck, Ellen Page, and, of course, the giant Oscar statuette! Click the thumbnail for the (giant!) fill-sized photo:


maria said...

Sometimes the time zones difference is leaving me so frustrated! Seems I missed out on all the good stuff (Live CNN feed etc) yesterdsy - or as it was for me, last night :(

Thanks for all of your updates :)

Dorothy Porker said...

She should have just taken the giant Oscar home; that would be the fair-sized one she deserves, after all (I'm such a fangirl!).

Eegah said...

Despite the briefness of it, that may be one of my favorite Marion interviews so far! Thank you so much for posting it :D

siutou_amy said...

How long has she been studying English? It seems her skills are improving at gigantic leaps! It makes me feel bad about my French. Ha!

Just remembering her cute English on the Times interviews... now, she barely resembles that coy English speaker!

siutou_amy said...

You know, I just saw the whole nominees photo, and Marion is so smart to wear yellow. She's the brightest spot in the pic! ^^