Sunday, February 17, 2008

2 New FYC Ads

Sorry for the poor quality of these...they are only snapshots of FYC ads from eBay.

The first one, found here, is a rare ad from The Hollywood Reporter, not only promoting Marion for Best Actress but also campaigning for Marit Allen (Costume Design) and Didier Lavergne and Jan Archibald (Hair & Makeup). I'm sorry that this is the largest version:

The other is from The Daily Variety, found here. Again, this is the largest size available:

If there's anyone reading who lives in LA and/or subscribes to either publican and can find these issues, scan them, and send them in, it would be most appreciated!


OliverGbyrne said...

New video of Marion in French at :

I'll make a translation later.

She seem tiered and the woman ask silly quetion,that why she laugh.

Dorothy Porker said...

I just saw the interview. Our girl looks exhausted with a capital E! wow. What did the lady ask toward the end that made her crack up?

I felt kind of bad; she seemed so sleep-deprived and just tired. I hope she's getting lots of rest/sleep.

cjKennedy said...

It will all be worth it when she wins the Oscar, Dorothy! (knocking on wood)

Dorothy Porker said...

That's so funny, someone just said that to me! lol.
You're right, though. It's a marathon, not a sprint ;)

maria said...

That interviewer lady should have prepared more questions - it was clear none of those she had prepared were kind of working with the 2. Olivier always comes across as a bit 'I only say what I want' so take him and a totally exhausted Marion and put them together with this (annoying IMO) lady and you have this interview

Marion still looked gorgeous!

OliverGbyrne said...

Well the lady was saying something deep about the two (Olivier and MArion) and she taught it sounded silly.But at the end Marion said "Ho I'm so sorry" and Olivier sai "It's allright it was a short interview" I think she probably lacking sleep and she took somme sleep medication or something..just my guess but its not her best interview for sure.