Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Oscar Experience

Marion recently talked to People magazine about her whirlwind Oscar experience (thanks, Amely!). Here's a preview:

When asked about words of wisdom she’s been given about the Oscars, the star says she agrees with the advice George Clooney gave to her fellow nominee Amy Ryan. “‘It will be over in a minute. When the awards are done, they’re done, everyone goes back’” he said. “‘So just to enjoy it and don’t be too frightened.’”

Read the rest of the article here.


siutou_amy said...

She should enjoy it :) It's a wild ride, but I just love coy Marion. xD

Here's Yahoo! Movie Ballot, Marion is also behind =( I don't get people, she's been winning with Christie, yet people seem to choose Page over them.

k said...

Well, again, Juno has become this year's sleeper hit, the little movie that blew up into a phenomenon. Away From Her, La Vie en Rose, The Savages...those are films that a) aren't advertised on TV so you b) really have to look for them. It's not surprising to find Christie or Cotillard losing polls from Yahoo and IMDB.

At Awards Daily it's a close, close race between Christie and Cotillard, which is unsurprising because people who visit those sites follow the season relatively closely.

And I say this not to take away from Page's performance. It didn't do anything for me, personally, but if people enjoy it, they enjoy it. It is, though, far and away the most popular movie nominated for BP and Actress, so the numbers make sense.

Kit van Cleave said...

I think these are popular-driven polls, though, aren't they? Not those including people from the business? Popular polls are usually responded to by youngere people, and they would enjoy JUNO. But here in America, I don't see that the Academy voters are moving in that direction. I still think Marion's major competition is Christie, but by now those who are really sincere would have tried to see LA VIE EN ROSE at least, before sending in their Oscar ballots on February 19.

By the by, is Marion is a representative for Chopard? Which is to ask, is she being paid? I certainly hope so. I think she should be getting some work from fashion, jewelry, perfume and makeup firms, just as Cruz and Latifah and Berry do in the US. IF she isn't, somebody should grab her NOW.