Monday, February 4, 2008

Oscar Nominee Luncheon

CNN has a live feed to this event right now on their website (click on the video link in the box at the far right). UPDATE - the feed is no longer available.

Edit from K -- Screen caps:


k said...


It froze during Brad Bird and now it's on Laura Linney...did I miss Cotillard?

k said...

They're asking Laura Linney about her jewelery and outfit...they didn't do that for Gilroy and Bird.

k said...

Hahaha -- talk about a Tim Burton wannabe:

k said...

Schnabel makes some good points about the foreign language category, but he's a little bitchy. "France didn't pick me because I'm an American."
"I don't know why we weren't nominated for Best Picture."
"We were nominated for Best Director, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Screenplay. I mean, I don't know what else you have to do to make a picture."
"The best performance of the year is Mathieu Almarac, even though I loved Johnny's performance in Sweeney Todd and Daniel Day-Lewis."

Jeez, cool down, Schnabel. He says it all jokingly but he seems a little bitter.

k said...

OK, Ellen Page is up...

God, they keep asking people what they're wearing.

She seems really nervous and awe-struck.

k said...

Alright, Jason Reitman.

Ha, he's very funny. "Holy shit! I hope they let me keep the pin at least."

Huh. I wouldn't liken Ellen Page in Hard Candy to Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.

Hahaha, he's got his father answering questions. Aw, that was cute.

Not crazy about his direction, but he's a very nice guy.

k said...

Hal Holbrook's up now.

They keep asking him questions about his "long and fruitful life." Ouch.

"It's a tremendous thrill -- it's a great's something you may dream about when you're an actor going through year after year of your career. You don't expect it to happen to you. It's really a lucky break."

He's very humble, spreading the love.

"It's a nomination for an award that outstrips every other in show business."

He was on the Today show when he found out. "Didn't know what I was going to say if I went on and I wasn't nomination. I'm like, duhhh."

"I heard Casey Affleck, uh oh that's my category. Then Javier Bardem and I'm thinking, Uh oh, here we go! Then I hear Philip, and I'm thinking three down, two to go..."

He really loves his wife.

He was cute.

Dorothy Porker said...

As always, now it's become the George Clooney show.

k said...

Ah, here's George Clooney for the George Clooney show.

"What should we call you?"
"Mr Ambassador is fine."

A woman asks about what inspired him to do Michael Clayton, and he goes:

"I don't know if you could hear her, but she asked how come I look so good up close. We have time for one more question!"

He's talking about the WGA strike. Says SAG should go to the table ASAP for negotiate.

He says only dumb actors take his advice. "I can't give anybody advice, my God!"

He supports Obama.

"I don't like DDL. I don't know if you guys have met him but...I caught him stealing!"

He says DDL raises the bar everytime he works.

He's a longtime fan of Hal Holbrook.

k said...

Amy Ryan is up!

"Ahhh...I can still smell Mr Clooney! It's nice..."

She says her nomination has come in increments. "I got a slow, shit-eating grin..."

She's incredibly humble. Very grateful.

Wow, she got only a fraction of the time that Clooney got.

Ha, cute story about Laura Linney/Richard Gere.

k said...

Woo Marion is up!

k said...

"I just want to have fun."

"I thought in LA it was summertime, all the time. It's not true!"

Talking about how France doesn't have the awards season like US. No campaigning, no publicity -- "It would be odd to do this."

Talking about how lucky is to meet the actors she has met. "It's a dream that is very real..."

She says that she's heard that a lot of people have started to listen to Piaf after watching the film.

Haha, she loves Clooney.

Dorothy Porker said...

Could this girl be more adorable? It's insane. Loved it. And thanks for the running commentary!!!

k said...

Good for Viggo -- the WGA should not be giving waivers to some and not to others.

I haven't seen Eastern Promises, but he's excellent. I'm glad he's nominated.

Dorothy Porker said...

*Perfect* Spanish, let me tell you. He sounds like a native of Buenos Aires.

k said...

OK, Casey Affleck got cut off. I am not getting a feed.

k said...

Aw, they cut off the live feed to focus on McCain's NY campaign.

Ah, well.

Dorothy Porker said...

Awesome caps! How do you do that?

k said...

On a Mac it's Apple + Shift + 4. I don't know how to do it on a PC, sorry to say.