Friday, February 15, 2008

More Oscar talk from EW

Entertainment Weekly, in this week's issue, gives Marion 25% of the vote for Best Actress, putting her third behind Julie Christie (33%) and Ellen Page (27%) to win the Oscar. Laura Linney comes in fourth with 10%, and Cate Blanchett rests at fifth with 5%. Here's what they had to say:

Marion Cotillard
La Vie en Rose
FOR HER Cotillard's physically and emotionally transformative performance as tempestuous chanteuse Edith Piaf (complete with impeccable lip-synching) means she's an absolute shoo-in for the Best Actress prize...
AGAINST HER ...At the César Awards. It's very tough to win votes for a foreign-language performance, particularly against these four.

They do give the Best Makeup Oscar to La Vie en Rose, saying:

It should be a French kiss for the La Vie en Rose team, who made 32-year-old Marion Cotillard into the legendary singer Edith Piaf -- and then took her from age 19 to her death at a haggard 47.

HOWEVER, they also asked "six high-profile Academy members -- an actor, an actress, a director, a producer, a studio executive, and a screenwriter" whom they voted for and why. And, I have to say, things are looking good for Marion there; 3/6 of those asked (50%, duh) voted for Marion.

She's played victims and screwball heroines, but don't underestimate the intelligence and talent of this one-time Best Supporting Actress nominee. She's a fan of nuanced, controlled filmmaking and seamless performances.

Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
"I think if enough people see La Vie en Rose, she could win. She just blew me away."


Our insider, a Best Director winner himself who's adept at making warm, intimate films with broad appeal, laments the absence of high-gloss studio films like The Bourne Ultimatum.

Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
"I keep hearing Julie Christie's going to win for Away From Her, but I don't know anyone who actually got through that movie. I don't think there's any other performance that comes close to Marion Cotillard's. She became another human being up there on the screen."


A prolific filmmaker behind one Best Picture winner and numerous film and television projects, he has an affinity for unconventional narratives that push boundaries.

Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose
"I'm voting for the person I don't think is going to win. But if all the voters see La Vie en Rose...there was no trace of Marion in that. It was all Edith Piaf.


The Actor (He's volleyed between comedy and drama, leading man and character roles, but our former Best Supporting Actor nominee is no waffler when it comes to this year's contenders, especially those that dive into the heart of darkness.) picked ELLEN PAGE.


The Executive (This former high-ranking studio exec enjoyed a lot of the contenders this year, but thinks Oscar could use more feel-good films.) picked LAURA LINNEY.


The Screenwriter (This versatile scribe of period epics and genre flicks has won two Oscars. He was impressed with this year's crop of nominees, but not overly so...) picked LAURA LINNEY.

So things may actually turn out to be in Marion's favor. Here's hoping!

Anyone have any guesses as to who the anonymous voters are?



Dorothy Porker said...

Not one chose Christie? That is shocking (in a good way).

k said...

Nope, not one.

I wanted to mention it, but then I was like..."Oh, wait, only six people."

The Director's comment (I swear, it's JJ Abrams) reflects my own feelings on AFH. It's an OK film, but it's very Lifetime Primetime Movie to me. Good performances, but there just isn't any passion.

k said...

Though Abrams has never won, has he?

The only one I can think of who makes mainstream movies and looks/dresses like that is Abrams.

Schnabel and Burton both wear those tinted sunglasses, but neither of them have won an Oscar.

k said...

Maybe Spielberg?

Dorothy Porker said...

I thought the director was Brooks ("Terms of Endearment"). Thoughts?

k said...

I don't know...James Brooks doesn't strike me as someone who would "lament the absence of high-gloss studio films like The Bourne Ultimatum."

Maybe the drawings are just drawings, they're not meant to resemble anyone, but the picture of The Director doesn't resemble Brooks at all.

Dorothy Porker said...

yeah, that's what makes me question it, but the "warm intimate film with broad appeal" led me down that path. Plus, he's a studio guy through and through.

I don't think the images are to resemble the parties, but more the archetypical director, actor, producer, etc. I could be totally off though.

Señor Spielbergo, you suggest? Interesting...very interesting.

k said...

Spielberg makes (or has made) intimate films with broad appeal, and he's also made a lot of "high-gloss studio films."

k said...

That's what I initially thought-- about the drawings.

When I didn't even SEE the drawings and just read the descriptions, the first things I thought were:

THE ACTOR = John C. Reilly
THE ACTRESS = Natalie Portman

But the pictures make sense.

THE ACTOR = Matt Dillon
One nod for BSA, recent, has done slapstick comedy AND serious stuff

One nod for BSA, recent, has played the victim (Junebug) and the screwball heroine (Enchanted).

k said...

Also about my initial reactions:

JCR is known for playing very troubled characters...often the sad sack husband (The Hours, Chicago, The Good Girl) or a corrupt individual (Gangs of New York).

Natalie Portman is widely regarded as being one of the most intelligent people in Hollywood...the media often brings up her Harvard education. She's played victims (The Professional, Cold Mountain, even Closer) and screwball heroines (Where The Heart Is, Garden State).

It really doesn't matter, but I'd like to know! Hahaha

k said...

JCR also does a lot of silly stuff.

Both Reilly and Portman are one-time nominees, both in supporting categories.

k said...

OK, I'm done rambling/spamming.

Anonymous said...

I saw Away From Her and I don't see what's the hype about. I feel like it is more for the ensemble than Cristy alone, may be the subject matter is more familiar or hit American audience than a a life story of a French Legion.

Dorothy Porker said...

Someone over at AD speculated the director could be Robert Zemeckis or Ron Howard. Those are great guesses, I think.

Anonymous said...

MAKE FORCES!: MARION TO WIN! (from Argentina)

k said...

I think The Producer is Ron Howard.

The Director is Speilberg for me...

k said...

Speilberg or Zemeckis for me, for sure

I forgot that he did Cast Away and Forrest Gump...all I can think when his name is brought up is Beowulf, but he is a very strong possiblity