Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ready for a picture post?

Yes, we have a MASSIVE picture post ahead! As always, remember to click the thumbnails to see the full-sized pictures.

First, we have some untagged photos of Marion arriving at the Oscar luncheon:

Next: There are some pictures of Marion shooting an interview for AMC's Shootout, which is to air sometime during the channel's Oscar month. Date and time is unknown. From the looks of things, it looks as though it was tapes just before, just after, or during the Oscar luncheon:

Finally, there are photos up of Chopard honoring Marion at Chateau Marmont:

Thank you, Anna!


Dorothy Porker said...

Quite awesome. I still have no idea how you manage to organize them so neatly. Well done! (golf clap)

k said...

It takes ages, I have to say. A lot of dragging and dropping. Not so fun.

Dorothy Porker said...

Yikes. Well, you do it quite well :)

Anonymous said...

marion's been in some cute outfits these last two weeks.
thanks k and anna!