Friday, February 8, 2008

Marion is Actress of the Year at London Film Critics Award

Congratulations to Marion for this triumph. Daniel Day-Lewis received the Actor of the Year award. "No Country for Old Men" continued its unstoppable road to Oscar with a Film of the Year triumph. (If only Oscar followed suit with these three picks...Hey, I'm a Cotillard true believer!).

Other winners included James McAvoy for British Actor of the Year (Sweet!) and Julie Christie for British Actress of the Year. Sam Riley took their Breakthrough award (Yay!!! About time!).

More here.

Thanks for the heads up, eegah!

Here are some photos from the event (thanks Yawa!):

More pics available at Getty Images.


k said...

I spent a good amount of time waiting for the announcement before realizing what a loser I must've looked like, haha.

Dorothy Porker said...

LOL. What do you mean?

k said...

I was on the LFCC page just refreshing every five minutes for like, two hours, haha. When the clock struck 2pm, I was like, "Holy shit, K, go DO something."

Dorothy Porker said...

Aww! I wouldn't have known either were it not for eegah.

Anonymous said...

"No Country For Old Men", the Cohen brothers, Daniel Day Lewis, Marion Cotillard, James McAvoy and Julie Christie (for her incredible life achievements), "The Lives Of Others", Florian Henckel von Donnesmark.

And i would also have a thought for "4 Months", Cristian Mungiu, Anamaria Marinca and Laura Vasiliu. And also for PT Anderson and Julian Schnabel.

These are to me the right choices for 2007.

But, you see....As we say in french : Tastes and colours are subjective matters.

Anyway the London Critics are true movie lovers, and cinema is still a form of art, thanks god !

cjkennedy said...

You can't say the English don't have taste. Well, you can, but you'd be wrong and I'll fight any man who says long as he's less than 5'6", I have a rule about only fighting people at least 8 inches shorter than me.

Poppy said...

Julie Walters won the life achievement award, not Christie, she won best British Actress. Love the Walters, she's amazing. Well the English do have taste, as Benedico Del Tero said at last years BAFTA's awards: I love England, I can get very drunk, and be very repressed here. They love the French in London too; it is apparently the seventh biggest French city.

I love the Bafta’s, can’t wait to see it tomorrow. No offence meant to Americans, but I dislike most award ceremonies there, because of all the self – congratulation, and self –regard that tends to go on. I love the Bafta’s because it’s no nonsense, self – deprecating, and they literally ask the nominees to keep their speeches short, and cut out the tears Gotta love that kind of attitude really, and I’m allowed to say that cos I ain’t British : - }

I am so tiny that if I fought someone eight inches taller than me, they'd have to be a child of around 4 and a half foot.

poppy said...

eight inches smaller than me obviously, I ain't that small.

Dorothy Porker said...

poppy, do you think Marion has any chance of winning the BAFTA?

poppy said...

Oh and 'Anon' the corresponding phrase in English is probably 'there's no accounting for taste'. I love French idioms, and sayings. I think you say: 'Who wouldn't sell their sister for that? At least I think it's something like that'. I absolutely love it, and prefer it to the English version, which I think is: 'Who wouldn't give their left leg.

poppy said...

She has a chance sure, if anyone was to win, apart from Christie, it would be her. The others don't stand a chance. The British press, and media in general, have really hailed Marion's performance as one of greatest screen performances, of all time, and you can’t get better than that really. At the same time, they are saying that while she should win the Bafta, that Christie will probably win it. She does stand a very good chance, I think, perhaps better than she does at the Oscar’s.