Monday, February 25, 2008

More Marion photos

Several HQ photos of Marion with her Oscar, from here. Click the thumbnails to enlarge:




Anonymous said...

k I hope your ankle is ok. A Lovely and emotional night. I wanted to scream into the internet last night.
Thank you for the great pics. Marion looks gorgeous with the Oscars in her hands make it all worth it.
Thank you dorothy and k!

k said...

Haha, my ankle's fine, thank you for asking. I bounded into so many walls out of excitement, the ankle is barely a blip on my radar.

The Oscar really does look right at home in her hands. I'm really, really excited to see what new projects come her way now that she is:

Academy Award winner, Marion Cotillard!

poppy said...

Well it's all over, for Marion, and for us. Am I allowed to say that I wouldn't be sorry to see the back of everyone’s campaign for Oscars; in truth it was getting a bit irritating. Well I am delighted for Marion, her family, and those that campaigned for her. I wish her all the best for the future, both personally and professionally. I am sure she will continue to pop up in great movies. Piaf was the role, of several lifetimes, and she gave a performance that almost defied reality. C’est tout, C’est fini, c'est un petit triste, mais c'est une bonne fin à une belle histoire. Je souhaite à vous Marion pour l'avenir, la bonne chance et le bonheur.

Cassie said...

History has been made... Elle vient d'écrire l'histoire ! Chère Marion <3

siutou_amy said...

Thank you for the high quality!!!!! Where do you get these? As I'm looking for Bardem and Marketa Irglova's Press Room HQ Photos T_T

k said...

I can't find any press room photos of Glen and Mar that aren't tagged...I have some of them on stage, but I can't find any in the press room. Sorry, amy!

I am SO happy they won.

clare isabella said...

I love those pictures of her with Forest... he clearly just admires her so much!
She is just incroyable. I can't stop thinking about how chuffed I am for her. She must still be on such a high!

Thank you so much for this blog; it has been a real pleasure to read. xxx