Monday, January 14, 2008

There Will Be Champagne

Here's Marion's reaction to her Golden Globe triumph last night, courtesy of the New York Times:

Marion Cotillard was in L.A. when, plopped down in front of the tube, she find [sic] out that the Globes voters had judged her performance in “La Vie en Rose” irresistible. “Definitely there was champagne involved.” she said. “ Definitely. It was a big surprise.”

Ms. Cotillard added that, yes, a big event and party would have been nice, but that there were more important matters to consider. “I am more sorry that there is no resolution to the writers strike,” she said. “We need for things to work out so everyone can go back to work.”

When that happens, Ms. Cotillard, the ingénue of this year’s season, will likely not be wanting for proffers.



Anonymous said...

There is a rumor saying that Julie Christie does not want to be nominated because she does not want to travel at the Academy !

I think Marion should also refuse a nomination and then the award will bo to either Ellen Page or Nikki Blonski. It would calm down their fans hopefully.

k_obrien said...

Julie Christie — who has expressed her desire not to be nominated for an Oscar, because she doesn't want to travel to the ceremony — won the Globe for best dramatic actress in the film "Away From Her." LionsGate Films released this statement from her: "Thank you very much indeed for this award which I will share with Sarah Polley, our wonderful director, who made it all possible, and the terrific cast and crew of 'Away from Her,' with whom I was fortunate enough to work."

Dorothy Porker said...

Christie said she didn't want to get nominated? That's kind of odd. Is it an actual quote? I mean, she was at the ceremony for "Afterglow" a few years back...Well, I suppose people's priorities evolve. I'm glad she's being so forthcoming about it.

Amy said...

Well, being nominated doesn't mean she needs to attend. lol'

And to respond to the first poster, it will be even a more upset if Cotillard and Christie are not nominated, and another takes the award.

I think it would've been amazing a Cotillard win with an award ceremony, but hence my lack of jumpiness yesterday. ha!

People need to watch La Vie en Rose before saying that Ellen Page should've won. Marion winning was not an upset. And this is coming from a person that loved watching Juno.

Anonymous said...

Julie, wasn't that great in the movie anyway. She was good but she wasn't an outstanding.

k_obrien said...

Marion Cotillard was the surprise winner for best actress in a comedy or musical ("La Vie en Rose"). She was in her hotel room at the Chateau Marmont with a bottle of champagne. "I was surprised,” she told The Los Angeles Times. “This year there are so many beautiful performances, so many great movies. Especially for a French actress, performing in French."

Was Marion really the "surprise winner"? Sigh.