Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marion d'Or

Check out this latest interview, courtesy of the Telegraph:

Here's an excerpt:

"Cotillard speaks in equally dramatic and effusive terms about her acting idols, some of whom she has met recently in Los Angeles - she lives in Paris but is over on an extended stay for the awards. She was overwhelmed when Daniel Day-Lewis presented her with the Breakthrough Performance trophy at the Palm Springs International Film Festival some weeks ago. 'More than the fact that I admire him, I really think he's one of the greatest actors ever,' she tells me, adding that his calling her 'a remarkable performer' has left her 'still in the clouds, like woo-woo, and the rainbows'. Encounters with Angelina Jolie and Sean Penn (whose name in Cotillard's cadence resembles nothing so much as 'champagne') elicit near-equal rapture. The awe on her face at the mention of Penn tells the story, and of Jolie she exclaims: 'There's an amazing positive energy that comes out of this woman. She has such a wonderful aura.'"


Thanks to Magnifique Marion Cotillard for reporting on this article.

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