Monday, January 28, 2008

Marion in EW: Oscar spotlight

If only I had a scanner!

EW asked this year's Oscar nominees how they felt about the uncertainty surrounding this year's ceremony:

"I do not know what is 'bummer.'" - Charmingly French Best Actress nominee Marion Cotillard, on whether it's a bummer that her first nomination comes during a year in which the Oscar ceremony is in jeopardy.

They also ran a profile on each major category. Here's their piece on Cotillard:

La Vie en Rose

Age 32 Role Legendary French chanteuse Edith Piaf. Oscar History First nomination. Karaoke Dreamin' As a teenager in Orléans, France, Cotillard used to lipsynch to Maddona's "Material Girl." "With my microphone, I was the pop star of my bedroom!" she laughs. That clowning turned out to be good practice for her uncanny performance in La Vie, which she approached with scientific precision. "I took all the songs and I calculated the length of the notes, of the silences, and how she would breathe. Then I did it again and again and again," Cotillard says. She worked equally hard to nail the way Piaf stood on stage while belting out those tunes. "Even if on screen to you don't see my hands or feet, the whole body is involved." Up Next She sings - for real this time - in Rob Marshall's Nine, based on the Broadway musical adapted from Federico Fellini's 8 1/2.

(Image from Magnifique Marion Cotillard)


Dorothy Porker said...

Breathtaking! Wow. I always await this issue like a little kid on Christmas eve.

k_obrien said...

Hahaha, it should be out tomorrow. Heath Ledger is on the cover.

Dorothy Porker said...

Oh wait, then I got it already. LOL. I was too sad to open it.

k_obrien said...

Well now you have a happy incentive!

siutou_amy said...

CTV has a photo of her too!