Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marion @ LAFCA ceremony

GettyImages has some nice pictures up of Marion at the LAFCA awards ceremony, where she was honored with their Best Actress prize:

See the rest of the images here.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster!


Dorothy Porker said...

Beautiful pics! I like the look. I'm worried about tonight too, K. I think both Page (because of the critical/box office success of the film) and Blonsky (because of her personality) have a shot at winning this award. Several weeks ago it seemed like a slam-dunk, but now I'm not so sure. I hope the HFPA has a good head on its shoulders and awards the BEST not the most popular or the cutest.

Did you catch Marion on Ferguson? She was very charming and funny. As always. One question, when are they booking her on Charlie Rose???? It's so dumb not to have her there...

k_obrien said...

I am really really worried about her chances. A GG win will be so important for her...let's hope she can pull one out. She deserves it!

I didn't get to catch her on Ferguson. Hopefully it'll be on youtube soon!

Anonymous said...

I really do not how it works from inside really, but don't you think all people involved in the business (at least at a certain level) already know who wins at the GG ?

And may be they also know who is going to win at the SAG ?

Is it silly to say that ?

Anonymous said...

I mean, when you see that the Malaysia News knew the results of the Critics Choice award several hours before they were officially announced, i suppose the big bosses of the studios may probably know one or two days in advance.

Dorothy Porker said...

Not sure. I think some insiders definitely would know, but I'm sure there are confidentiality agreements in place to avoid leaks. The whole Broadcast Film Critics thing (where we all knew who would win hours before) seems to be a bit of an anomaly.

However, I don't see it beyond the realm of possibility for Insiders to infiltrate award sites and post about what the know.

The good news is, there's lots of good buzz for Marion within the SAG membership. I'm not sure how the HFPA will vote -- they are known as star-fuckers (which is why I'm predicting Jolie to win best actress...hopefully they'll prove me wrong), and seem to jump on the latest trends, so I can very well envision a "Juno" sweep on the Comedy/Musical side.

k_obrien said...

I want Sweeney for M/C film, Depp for M/C actor, and Cotillard for M/C actress.

Anonymous said...

If Ellen Page does not win at the GG against Marion on the Comedy/Musical side, then she is out of the race.

That is why all her fans in america are making a lot of noise, trying to influeence those bloody foreigners : it is now or never for Page.

It would be the greatest robbery of all Oscar history !

But what can we do against that ?

Let's wait and see.

Dorothy Porker said...

I would be pretty furious if Page wins. I'd be okay with any of the other ladies taking the price, but, for whatever reason, I'd have a hissy fit if Page won.

And I agree with you, Anonymous. They have been pushing her non-stop -- I mean, good for the studio, they're running a smart campaign. If she doesn't win, then her chances for Oscar diminish substantially.

k_obrien said...

Fox has put all their eggs in the Juno basket? How else can you describe the complete Once snub in Best Original Song? I mean, with the number of TV ads I see for Juno daily touting their Globe noms and box office numbers, I'd be surprised if Searchlight has put any money in any of their other films this year.

I liked Juno, for Cera and Garner mostly, but its overexposure has reached almost toxic levels.

If anyone is to beat Cotillard, I'd like it to be HBC, who blew me away in Sweeney Todd.

Anonymous said...

As far as the SAG is concerned i am pleased to hear there is a good feeling there for Marion.

The recognition from her peers.

But i would still like her to win at the GG too. If she can win both, then she is right on the target for the oscar, and will be almost impossible to beat.

Dorothy Porker said...

I'm watching "Once" in a few minutes! By the way, I did catch Sweeney the other night, and even though I wasn't as impressed by it as you, I thoroughly enjoyed HBC's performance. She's always been a favorite of mine, so if she does beat Cotillard, I'd be alright with it. She's done her time and has turned in a lot of good performances throughout the years. No hard feelings.

Dorothy Porker said...

Anonymous, I think that if Marion snags those two awards, the Oscar is hers...or she'll at least get back her front-runner status.

k_obrien said...

You'll probably be disappointed by Once, at the rate we're going!

Dorothy Porker said...

LOL. I don't think so. Re Sweeney, I think a big issue is whether one loves or doesn't love Sondheim. I respect him, but I'm not particularly crazy about him. In this case, I felt the score was repetitive, and the plot line with the lovers was so...bleh. And, to my utter surprise, I enjoyed George Hearn's Todd much more than Depp's. Depp was good -- I thought his carried off the singing bits quite impressively -- and yet, there was something amiss. I can't quite articulate what was missing from the performance, but it just didn't hit me quite as hard as HBC's or that of the little boy (who was excellent, by the way).

"Once," on the other hand...the trailer makes me smile, so I'm very much looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

My feeling is that they threw a few precursors awards away, to Page and to Christie, in order to make everybody happy.

Christie did not even bother to come and pick them up !

But now things are becoming serious.

But i may be too optimistic

Anonymous said...

In France it is 11H00 PM now. At what time are the results of the GG ?

Dorothy Porker said...

You have four more hours to go until the ceremony begins. I'll be posting it here as it happens.

k_obrien said...

Oh man, I HATED George Hearn as Sweeney. I saw it even before plans were announced for a film version of Sweeney, and I just didn't like her performance at all.

What I so admire about Depp's performance is that he plays Sweeney as a ghost. He's a shadow of a man, someone who's been eaten up completely by anger and hate and revenge. You see glimpses of Benjamin Barker -- when he speaks/sings about his wife, or Johanna -- but, as Sweeney says, that man is dead.

There's something so twisted about the way he plays him. He's delicate but brutal (the scene where he finally finishes of Pirelli is a good example) -- watch the way he tenderly sings to his blades, his blades which are his family. His revenge literally eats him up to the point where he destroys everything he'd sought out to protect.

Depp's voice is fantastic on it's own, but he acts the songs in a way that I've never heard before.

Sweeney's such a fascinating character and Depp adds all these interesting shades to him. Hearn was such a ham.

And dare I say that I actually prefer HBC's Mrs. Lovett to Lansbury's? I think Lasbury is brilliant, of course, but there's something so subdued and magnetic about HBC in this role. I think of this line from The Worst Pies In London when I watch HBC's Lovett:

"A woman alone/With limited wind"

HBC's Lovett has clearly been on her own for too long -- she's quiet, a little creepy, a little loopy -- but she surprises you with how sharp and intelligent and witty she is. HBC also gives her this light, airy voice (her singing, in particular) that just totally works.

I think Sondheim's lyrics keep the story going. When I hear "repetitive score" I immediately think Dreamgirls, where the music was out of place and dragged the story down. With Sweeney, it furthers the plot, reveals parts of each character's intentions and wishes, and grabs your attention.

Visually it's a masterpiece, and, as far as I'm concerned, the acting, music, and direction couldn't be better. I LOVED the film.

k_obrien said...

Her = His in reference to George Hearn. Yeesh. Can you tell I'm tired?

Dorothy Porker said...

That's amazing (our vastly different takes on Hearn). But I couldn't agree more about HBC -- I thought she was excellent as Lovett while I didn't particularly enjoy Lansbury's! LOL.

I can't argue about the acting/music/direction. The dispositive weaknesses, to me, were the plot and the score, which proved fatal to my enjoyment of the film. But, believe me, I can appreciate and understand why so many people liked it. And I do respect Sondheim tremendously.

"Dreamgirls" sucked, by the way. They're not even in the same ball-park.

k_obrien said...

I loved the plot. It just built and built and built and then BAM! It's over! Man, I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I still can't stop thinking about the film.

Dreamgirls gets an F----- in my book. A Z-, really.

Dorothy Porker said...

Have you seen "There Will Be Blood." Man, that film is haunting me non-stop.

k_obrien said...

I've yet to see TWBB, though I'd like to.

Sweeney Todd and Once are the films that really stuck with me, and Cotillard's is the performance that stuck with me. Though Amy Ryan and Gone Baby Gone also had an affect on me.

Dorothy Porker said...

I loved "Once." What a beautiful, beautiful story. And the music is amazing (Vic was saying "that's a good song!" every five minutes).

k_obrien said...


loomer said...

Oooh, she looks like Vanessa Paradis in the third pic.

"I hope the HFPA has a good head on its shoulders and awards the BEST not the most popular or the cutest"

A lot of people are saying Page would be the winner for that reason, because she's the hot new pretty young starlet and that looks/youth is important for actresses at Oscars.

Well I think that's a load of rubbish, because Ellen Page, whilst hardly ugly, really isn't that hot, certainly not a conventional beauty.

Marion has the advantage there in her category, even more beautiful than the stunning Amy Adams. Imgaine if they did give awards out based on looks and popularity - Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie and even Jessica Alba would win everything!

Almost judgement time now. I better have some great news to wake up to! *nervous*

Dorothy Porker said...

loomer...this site is purportedly reporting the winners ( This can't be real, right? I mean, I know they're live and stuff, but the same thing happened with the BFCA earlier this week. Thoughts?

Dorothy Porker said...

I'm glad they were wrong! By a mile.