Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bob Boyett on La Vie en Rose

In Variety, multiple Tony Award winner Bob Boyett recently gave high praise to La Vie en Rose and Marion:

"Marion Cotillard and the director Olivier Dahan have captured one of the most compelling portraits of a very rare and special person that I've ever seen anywhere. It is haunting. Piaf obviously had a great talent, but Dahan goes underneath to expose this extremely raw person who did have incredible relationships and did benefit from them, but in the long run she had a lot of hard knocks along the way. People sometimes think her problems were self-imposed, but from early on she had a lot of physical and mental problems. It's the story of an extraordinary spirit. For two or three days after seeing this film, I couldn't get it out of my head."


Dorothy Porker said...

Great find, K. I hope (a) more people speak out publicly about Marion; and (b) that Marion keeps attending as many events as possible so voters can meet her (this includes television appearances).

Did you read what seanflynn posted over at GD? Apparently his SAG friends are overwhelmingly voting for Marion -- they like other performances, but are "awed" by her. That gives me hope. Keep hope alive :)

k_obrien said...

Yes! I read that post! His disappointed tone could do nothing to make me unhappy!

Dorothy Porker said...

That, my friend, is what made it priceless :)