Friday, January 11, 2008

Marion celebrates GG nod; EW's Top 25

Actor Colin Farrell showed his support for Marion at a Golden Globes party thrown in honor of her nominated portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. Click on thumbnails for bigger photos:

Hello Magazine has a nice report on the event. Here's a snippet:

The beautiful La Vie En Rose star - looking the epitome of Parisian chic in an elegant black dress - is in the running for the best actress trophy. When asked how she celebrated being nominated the 32-year-old replied simply: "Champagne!"

The Golden Globes are canceled, but NBC will air a one-hour press conference this Sunday to announce the winners.

Entertainment Weekly has named La Vie en Rose one of the Top 25 Films You Need To See Before Oscar Night. The films are "ranked in order of their likelihood to be nominated." La Vie en Rose comes in at #14, presumably because of Marion's buzz. Click on the thumbnail for the full scan posted at ONTD, or see all the Atonement/Oscar scans at the link:

In their latest issue, EW also predicts Marion will earn a nomination, but will come in third after Christie (their pick to win it) and Page. They've also got a bit about her in their favorite musical moments article:

"On a completely different plane, Marion Cotillard's all-consuming turn as Edith Piaf in the remarkable French-language film La Vie en Rose was devastating -- more possession by the heartbreakingly talented songbird than mere performance."


Anonymous said...

I've seen Marion has met with director Florian von Donnersmark ("The Lives of Others", last Foreign Films Academy Award winner) at this party.

I would very much like to see Marion starring in the next movie of this guy. Florian von Donnersmark is writing the screen play in Los Angeles at the moment, and this movie will be shot in english language.

Florian von Donnersmark is a genius.

Anonymous said...

And do not worry about EW. They even show Keira Knisghtly and James McAvoy, and Atonement on the cover !

An helpless actress, with an helpless actor, in an helpless movie.

siutou_amy said...

I find this 25 films snippet interesting. I've seen 8 of the listed films, wanna see 10 more of those (they are on my list to download or go to the cinema as soon as released)... and the other 7 films haven't quite captured my attention, but wouldn't mind watching them!