Saturday, January 26, 2008

Marion's Oprah Visit

From, here's a transcript of the interview as well as some stills:

A first-time nominee for Best Actress, Marion Cotillard thrilled Hollywood in her role as French singer Edith Piaf in the French language biopic La Vie En Rose.

Marion's transformation into the legendary performer—from her teen years spent begging on the street to her final days as a morphine addict—has earned her critical raves and a Golden Globe® win.

This year, the Golden Globes traditional ceremony was canceled because of the writer's strike, so Marion says her award was delivered in an unconventional way—to her hotel room by room service! Still, she says she wasn't disappointed with the way things turned out. "I have so many things to enjoy that I can't be disappointed," she says. "What is happening to me right now is something unique—it's huge."

Oprah calls Marion's performance in La Vie en Rose transformative. "It's like you opened yourself up and poured her in," Oprah says.

From the moment she read the script, Marion says she knew she couldn't pass up this role. "You don't have the opportunity being a 30-year-old to play a whole life," she says. "I saw right away it was something unique that I would have so much fun."

Marion says that, in some ways, she's been preparing for this role her entire life. "When I was young, I loved to play the old lady, the old man. That was back when I was in 9 on stage in vacation camp," she says.

Marion says she spent a lot of time watching and listening to Edith. "I chose a way to work which is not a very classical way. I decided not to experience the voice or the body language until I was on set," she says. "I would say I fed myself with her."

What's Marion most looking forward to on Oscar® night? Everything!

"I'm a French actress with a French movie. I would never have imagined that I would be here with you Oprah, to have a [Golden Globe®]," she says. "It's a whole dream, so I will definitely enjoy every single second of it."


k_obrien said...

She was so cute on the show. It was clear, though, that Oprah hadn't seen the film...really basic, stupid questions.

Dorothy Porker said...

I think that Oprah's demographic has a lot to do with her interviewing approach. She's very effective as to some topics and with the superstar guests (because her audience knows a lot about them), but when it comes to up and coming stars, she keeps it very basic.

I got the feeling she'd seen the film and was overly impressed with Marion's performance but not necessarily the film, so she was just focused on gushing about Marion instead. Having said that, I don't think she saw "Gone, Baby, Gone" or "The Assassination of Jesse James..." because those were certainly generic questions that barely touched upon the film.

Also, I was shocked that Marion was even on the show. I heard about the Oscar nominee show the day before and Marion wasn't even mentioned in the promo nor was she in the show's description. That's why when I turned the show on I was floored when I heard "Marion Cotillard" as one of the guests. This means she really believes in Marion and wanted to give her a forum.

I can't wait until Marion goes on Charlie Rose!!! That'll be great (if Charlie, who I adore, doesn't keep interrupting her! lol).

k_obrien said...

Do you remember that part in For Your Consideration, where the Home For Purim writers were on the Charlie Rose-like show and his question went on and on and on and on...

I guess I don't like her interviewing style, because she asked really idiotic questions. I mean, this is really the first, high-profile, post-nomination interview and you ask those crappy questions? LAME.

Dorothy Porker said...

Ha! LOL. I wish they had that on YouTube. In fact, I'm going to search for it!

k_obrien said...

I already searched for it and couldn't find it...I'll try again though.

That whole montage was hilarious...Harry Shearer on the TRL show, Catherine O'Hara doing Leno, poor Parker Posey on that awful radio show. Great, great skewering of the entertainment business.

And Jane Lynch and Fred Willard NEVER fail to make me laugh as the Ryan Seacrest-Giuliana Rancic E! News folks!

cjKennedy said...

Dorothy, I will write you a check for 1000 Francs if Charlie let's Marion finish a sentence. I will watch anyway, of course. When is it on? much is a thousand Francs these days? If it's more than $22.35 US, I take it back.

Nothing at all against the lovely Ms. Christie, but I'm rooting Marion all the way. I wish I was as enamored of her film as I was her performance, but that doesn't matter.

Dorothy Porker said...

Ah, cj. LMAO. Good to see you 'round these parts. I'm totally honored.

I have to say my Charlie Rose statement was more wishful thinking than anything else (I really hope she goes on the show and Charlie does tend to host most of the nominees of any given year). I'll keep checking back and will totally send you a message (by carrier pigeon if necessary) should she get booked on the show.

I see your $22.35 and raise you $10 (I don't know what I just wrote there, bare with me). It would be historical if she does get out one full sentence.

Eegah said...

I want to WATCH it so bad. But thanks for posting the gorgeous photos and transcript.

poppy said...

Francs don’t exist anymore, but at one stage 1000 would have been worth about 140 - 170 US dollars. I don't think her English is really good enough to be on Charlie Rose, he does like the academic, high - brow type of conversation, and that show may be a bit too much for her. She would definitely need an interpreter to help her; would be nice though.

cjKennedy said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter Dorothy...well 2nd now.

I'm an old-school, pre-Euro kind of guy Poppy, but you're right.

You're also right about her grasp of the language being a possible stumbling block. The couple of interviews I've seen of her she seems uncomfortable. c'est la vie.

Dorothy Porker said...

The main reason I want Marion to do Charlie Rose (and his show...) is exposure to the right demographic.

I remembered seeing Binoche there after she was nominated for "The English Patient" and when everyone was predicting a Bacall win. And yet Binoche was so sweet, and moving (she cried when remembering a film...though more likely she was thinking about her turbulent relationship with the director) and I thought, wow, this woman is so passionate about her craft. And then, voila, she wins the Oscar. I don't think it was directly and solely due to the Charlie Rose interview, but I'm sure it played a part.

Marion's English has improved substantially, even within the last year. She was very comfortable on Oprah (eegah, I wish I could upload it for you but I've no idea how to deal with the "internets" when it comes to sophisticated stuff like this) and in front of that live audience (who were pretty charmed by her). And remember, Charlie interviews folks from all walks of life and countries, I think it would work out in the end. But well. y'all know I'm totally biased :-)

poppy said...

It's all about the Euro now (except in the UK), bit sad really because growing up I loved collecting Francs, Pesos, Escudos etc. I got positively giddy recently when I was in Prague and they had their own currency. The Franc was very like the current Euro though (in appearance).

Well her English is okay, but I don't think it would hold up to a long interview like that. Her boyfriends English is way better. She should bring him with her to these award ceremonies to help her out. I swear I'm not saying that because he is a good piece of eye - candy; wink.

Seriously I don't think it would be a good PR move to put her on a show like that. Some people (and voters) would inevitably get annoyed about the grasp of English. Not fair, but such is the way things are.

poppy said...

Binoche English is way better; she is practically bi - lingual at this stage. I never knew she didn’t get on with Mignella; she was in another film of his recently. It would be very nice, but I don’t think Marion’s English is good enough, and that format wouldn’t really allow her the concentration necessary for her to deal with the questions in English.

Dorothy Porker said...

No, she was talking about "Les Amants du Pont-Neuf" a film she made with Leos Carax (who was also her lover at the time). They had a turbulent relationship and the film took years to complete.

I agree that Binoche's English is much better than Cotillard's (though, strangely enough, very similar to Cotillard's when I saw the Charlie interview in 1996 or 1997; it's on his website, I highly recommend it!).

I've heard several of Marion's audio interviews (see some listed on this site) and she's really effective in them. There was a translator on stand-by for a few of them and they didn't have anything to do because she was more than able to hold her own.

We'll see if it even happens; this is mostly wishful thinking on my part :)

Dorothy Porker said...

Ooh, and I agree that Guillaume Canet is very cute :-)

poppy said...

That would make more sense. La Binoche apparently has quite a turbulent relationship with many people. There was an interview with the lovely Juilette in the Times recently which rather hilariously recounted many people's rather intense encounters with her.

I love Charlie Rose, and I often watch his interviews on the internet (not American), but I wouldn’t want Marion to be a duck out of water. It appears that Picturehouse are managing the campaign well though, and the poor woman is doing her all on the promotion front. She will be in America for another few days and they she will be in London, for about a week. I don’t know if she will return to the States straight after or whether she will go home first. I wonder how many interviews she has left to do. Does anyone know of anymore upcoming appearances?

poppy said...

Isn't he just; she would really think of the rest of us and drag him around the awards ceremonies with her. Damn these French and their love of privacy; wink.

Dorothy Porker said...

Ah, I wonder if they mentioned her relationship with Jeremy Irons (drama!). I'm sure they did -- too difficult not to.

Thus far the only appearance I'm aware of is at the SAG Awards tomorrow evening. She's also being honored at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, but I'm not sure when (or whether) she'll be there (or perhaps she's already received her award).

Yeah. privacy zealots they are! We shan't rest until Marion becomes as much of a tabloid fixture as her character Lucie F/Marie in "Les Jolie Choses" was. :-)

poppy said...

I can't wait to see the SAGs, This is the first year, in quite awhile, where I'm interested in awards season. It's a very interesting year.

God I do hope the tabloids leave her alone. As much as I am all excited for her and her success this year, I'd really hate to see that happen to her.

They just recounted everyday people’s encounters with La Binoche. Everyone the interview told, about her upcoming interview, seemed to have met Juilette, even her hairdresser, and they were all like: ‘Oh my god I met her, it was very intense, she’s a nightmare’. They all said it in a funny way though, and it was hilarious. The stories, in general, read like a recounting of the stereotypical difference between the British and French.

poppy said...

Oh and The Santa Barbara Festival was a couple of days ago, and Marion doesn't appear to have went.

cjkennedy said...

The SB Film Festival continues until Feb. 3

I vote that Marion could carry herself superbly on Charlie Rose, my only question is how comfortable she'd be. But if she's done Oprah in front of a live audience, she'd be fine.

Charlie bugs me as an interviewer, but I love the long form chat format and Dorothy is right about the exposure to the right demographic.

Dorothy Porker said...

This is what I love about Charlie: He can talk to Jay-Z, Tzipi Livni, Fiona Shaw, and Bill Maher all in one week and is very knowledgeable about everyone's background and work. He asks questions outside the box and creates an intimate, warm, welcoming environment between him and his guests. Finally, I always *learn* something new whenever I watch the show -- and, frankly, that's all I can ask from a darn television program.

What I'm not too crazy about: the constant interruptions (is it me or has it gotten worse this past year?) and the oddly confrontational stance he takes with some interviewees.

But like you, cj, I love the format so I'm a loyal viewer.

poppy said...

Well if there awards ceremony is on the 3rd I don't think Marion will be there. I think she is off to London, for the two big award ceremonies there, and probably to do some promotion.

I really love Charlie Rose but I just don't know, her English is a lot like my French: in that I don't know idioms and translate everything directly, and I have to concentrate really really hard on everything I hear and say, so as not to make any mistakes. Charlie Rose races on at a hundred miles a minute. Marion herself is just learning to express her personality through English; in French interviews she comes across as witty and ironic.

maria said...

Santa Barbara Film Festival will hand out awards coming Wednesday

maria said...
I've added the Oprah video

Dorothy Porker said...

Ah, you rock, Maria!!! (as always)