Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oscar Nominee Marion Cotillard Reacts!

Watch Marion's Reaction. Click here. She's *so* excited and emotional.

From the Associated Press:

"It's as if I had swallowed some fireworks or something like this. My friends and my family in Paris, they are so happy." — Marion Cotillard, on her best actress nomination for "La Vie en Rose.


EDIT from k_obrien (sorry Dor!)

Her reaction from The Envelope/The LA Times:

"There are so many beautiful movies and performances this year, so for a French actress, with a French movie, to have this response is very, very special. I really hope for [the striking writers] to find a solution and, of course, quickly before the Oscars. I really wish them to find a resolution to go back work because creativity is on hold and it can't be on hold. It's like a flow and you have to let it out... I was so happy [when I heard I was nominated]. It's hard to describe this feeling, but the first person I thought of was Olivier Dahan, the director who offered me that amazing adventure..."

Congrats, Marion!

Finally, here's a reminder of why Marion has received such a serious number of accolades for her performance (spoiler alert):

Thanks, Andrew!


Eegah said...

Absolutely wonderful..she is radiant! It was so cute how she had to hold the earpiece to her ear. Thank you!

Dorothy Porker said...

Hey eegah! Here's a cyberhug for you -- we've been in this since the beginning. Wow. To see it happen is just wonderful.

And I love the interview; she's so genuine and truly excited about the honor. I couldn't be happier for her!

OliverGbyrne said...

She was adorable!!!!