Monday, January 14, 2008

Shout Out

The good folks at Awards Daily just ran a lovely congratulations message for Marion:

Did we almost forget to officially congratulate Marion Cotillard for her Best Actress Golden Globe win?
ok, so that’s really just an excuse to post this photo (and again be reminded of the glamour we missed seeing last night… *sigh*).

As Dorothy Porker commented earlier today, “Although her performance very well transcends the physical, the absolute metamorphosis should be emphasized.” Alright, I’m here to help emphasize it.

I'd like to thank the lovely Ryan C. for the shout out :) They've been steadfast supporters of Marion from the very beginning (I'm talking last summer!). Check out the complete post here.

Also, there's some footage of Marion's reaction to her Golden Globe courtesy of Access Hollywood. Click here.

I'll end with this: what a difference a day makes. Before last night, Marion was relegated to the back burner. In fact, when the Golden Globe nominations were announced, none of the entertainment shows even mentioned her -- some didn't even have her in the list of nominees (which might have been due to a glitch, but still). Now, all of a sudden, Marion became the "upset" win. Balderdash. At least we knew she was a frontrunner from the beginning. Take that, Hollywood Infotainment shows! :)

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k_obrien said...

Go Marion!

Nice shoutout.