Friday, December 28, 2007

VH1's Best Week Ever, and much more

VH1's Best Week Ever has named La Vie en Rose as the best film of 2007, and have called Marion's performance "one of the best on screen portrayals by any actress, ever."

1. La Vie En Rose. This heart-stopping biopic of French songbird Edith Piaf, played by French actress Marion Cotillard, is one of the best on screen portrayals by any actress, ever. The story of Piaf begins with her upbringing in a whorehouse and a circus, on through her worldwide success as one of the most famous, albeit cursed, singers ever. The perfect film to watch when you’re feeling down on life: It will either make you realize that things could be much, much worse, or make you kill yourself. Win, win!

Larry Ratliff of the San Antonio Express-News has also included La Vie en Rose on his top 10 list, having this to say about the film and Marion:

"La Vie En Rose": Don't worry, we'll get to films made in the U.S. in a second. This French import starring Marion Cotillard is a mesmerizing biographical portrait of late French songbird Edith Piaf. Writer-director Olivier Dahan dazzles with one of the best biopics of all time.

Pat Clark of the Modesto Bee also has La Vie en Rose in the #6 spot on his top 10 list:

6. La Vie En Rose (August) -- Marion Cotillard gives a virtuoso performance as French icon Edith Piaf. As brilliant a singer as she was a troubled person, her loves and losses are traced. By the time she steps up to the microphone to deliver her signature song, you'll have chills.

The Orlando Sentinel has named Marion's performance in La Vie en Rose as one of the best of the year, alongside other Best Actress contenders Amy Adams (Enchanted) and Julie Christie (Away from Her):

Best movie performances: Amy Adams, Enchanted; Brenda Blethyn, Introducing the Dwights; John Cusack, 1408; Julie Christie, Away From Her; Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose; Tommy Lee Jones, In the Valley of Elah and No Country for Old Men; Catherine Keener, Into the Wild; Viggo Mortensen, Eastern Promises; Michelle Pfeiffer, Hairspray and Stardust; Keri Russell, Waitress; Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone; George Clooney and Tilda Swinton, Michael Clayton.

The Boston Herald, it it's look back on 2007, has a nice little mention of Marion's performance:

Marion Cotillard’s Little Sparrow enchanted us in “La Vie en Rose.”

Also, a little sour to note, David Thomson of the UK Guardian says it is "far-fetched" to nominate Marion at the Oscars this year, calling her portrayal of Edith Piaf a "robust yet dubbed impersonation." He's also got some pretty nasty things to say about actress who aren't Julie Christie. Here's hoping he'll be eating his words this January!


Cotillard-Admin said...

David Thomson is, for lack of a better word, a jerk-off. Not only does he have bad taste, here's a very unfair and childish comment he made about Angelina Jolie:

"I think that Angelina Jolie will get a nomination for A Mighty Heart. Her celebrity overwhelmed that film, I fear, and few of us have found time to laugh at Ms Jolie's foreign policy statements."

I'm glad he's found time to laugh at someone's earnest attempts to improve the situation of millions of people in the world while he sits on his ass and writes his catty prose. What a joke. End rant.

k_obrien said...

I agree that her celebrity dominated the film, and I don't really like her in general, but I can't speak poorly about her efforts to help refugees. I just can't think or say anything bad about people who do things like that.

Cotillard-Admin said...

Exactly, but that's because you're a mature person unlike Thomson. What a joke.

k_obrien said...

People are idiots.

I prefer the company of dogs, to be honest, haha.

Cotillard-Admin said...

I'm with you there, sister.