Sunday, December 9, 2007


So, we still have to confirm this, but this appears to be the first time the BSFC has awarded an acting prize to an actress from a foreign language film. Congratulations to Marion!

***K, through her fantastic sleuth skills, has confirmed that Marion is the first actress from a foreign language film to be awarded by the BSFC since 1982.***


k_obrien said...

Marilla Pera in 1981-1982, Best Actress for Pixote.

See, I'm a moron. I missed that :(

Cotillard-Admin said...

Not a moron at all. By the way, "Pixote" is one of my fave films. Good to see it was recognized by the BSFC. In any case, I assume nobody has won since then? That's still a pretty serious span of time.

k_obrien said...

Yeah, Marion is the first since 1982.

Both actresses, too. For some reason I find that significant.