Saturday, December 15, 2007


UK Magazine Uncut has named its top 20 films of the year. Check it out:

It is an interesting list -- very varied in genre. Thanks for the info and images, John! This is the complete list.

20. 3:10 To Yuma
19. La Vie En Rose
18. American Gangster
17. Superbad
16. Into The Wild
15. The Darjeeling Limited
14. Michael Clayton
13. Eastern Promises
12. Letters From Two Jima
11. The Simpsons Movie
10. This Is England
9. Atonement
8. Inland Empire
7. Control
6. Knocked Up
5. The Assasination Of Jesse James...
4. The Lives Of Others
3. Zodiac
2. The Bourne Ultimatum
1. I'm Not There


siutou_amy said...

I think we can agree that Lainey's Gossip rules. She loves Marion!

check out her Best of 2007!

Anonymous said...

a list of best 2007 movies without No Country, TWBB and 4 Months ?

It must be a joke.

I am jfc69, but i have once more forgotten my password !!!

Cotillard-Admin said...

jfc69! Welcome back. Would love to hear what you think about all the latest developments -- mainly all the Julie Christie wins!

Anonymous said...

OK ! I can see you are pulling my leg !

If Julie Christie wins the oscar, then it will be the biggest hold-up in the entire Academy history !

But she can rally behind her all oppositions to Marion, and that's will make her very strong.

loomer said...

I submitted that article and the reason NCFOM, TWBB, and 4 Months weren't included as it's a UK magazine/list and they never made the cut for the publication date.. neither of those and Juno are out here on general release till January or after, sadly. :)