Saturday, August 4, 2007


Famously mercurial critic Rex Reed from the New York Observer loves "La Vie En Rose." That's no easy feat, my friends, so enjoy:

"Ms. Cotillard has more faces than Piaf’s saga has chapters. Flawlessly lip-synching the icon’s passionate voice, she synchronizes Piaf’s energy, eyes, body language, madness, tragedy, triumphs and outrageous humor until you are galvanized by her greatness. The veins in her neck bulge like helium whenever Piaf reaches a note that shatters, and she even inhales when Piaf does. The non-linear style can be jarring, but somehow, in the scope of Mr. Dahan’s direction and the range of Ms. Cotillard’s virtuosity, you always know where you are and what period it is in Piaf’s life." More...

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