Saturday, August 11, 2007


Although this blog focuses pretty much exclusively on Marion Cotillard and her incredible performance in "La Vie En Rose," I'm also a big fan of the film itself. Marion aside, the film is rich in small yet memorable performances, from Emmanuelle Seigner as Titine, to Jean-Pierre Martins as Marcel Cerdan, to Gérard Depardieu as Louis Leplée. Let's not forget Sylvie Testud as Mômone, Catherine Allégret as Louise or Marc Barbé as Pygmalion himself, Raymond Asso.

Add to that list the performances of the two young actresses who play Piaf as a child--Manon Chevallier and Pauline Burlet--and you have all the right ingredients to create one of the best biopics in recent memory.

Here's an excerpt featuring Pauline Burlet and Jean-Paul Rouve, who is simply wonderful as Edith's father, Louis Gassion. It is the first time in the film we see young Edith sing. The moment is simple--one of pure cinematic magic.

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