Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Nothing new to report today. I did update the blog's "look." It was incredibly difficult to do and took me hours and--oh yeah, I just changed the template. Silly me. In any case, here's a photo, just because:


jfc69 said...

Nice young french lady, isn't she ? And a GREAT actress ! Fearless and a wide range of acting ability.

Let's wait and see what she does in "Nine". Harvey Weinstein is an old fox and knows what he is doing when he hires Marion and takes her to the states : Marion is a jewel.

Is this New York ? On Park Avenue ? I like that bloody city, I miss it !!!!

Marion, all the way !

Cotillard-Admin said...

Agreed 100%. I think having Weinstein behind her is a huge boost (coupled with the inevitable Picturehouse campaign).

It is New York, indeed. But midtown :)

jfc68 said...

OK, Midtown. Is it Central Park in the background ? In this case this is 5th Ave and East 56th, or 57th St. I bet !!!

I saw Variety said Marion is "a french Angelina Jolie" which a silly comment. If we really have to compare, I would say she is "a french Natalie Portman".

I had to change my identity because I forgot my password as jfc69.

Marion is going to get the best leading actress award and Javier Bardem is going to get the best supporting actor award.

So Harvey Weinstein is going to have an all-star academy award winners in his cast for "Nine" !

Cotillard-Admin said...

Thereabouts, good geography skills :)

I saw that French Angelina Jolie quote, which stood out because (1) Jolie is, in fact, half French, which takes a little bit away from the analogy, and (2) Jolie, who I admire a lot, in my humble opinion has not lived up to her promise as an actor (I'll probably get burned for saying that).

I'd go even further back and compare Cotillard to the Vivien Leighs and Bette Davises of the world.

I can't wait for "No Country for Old Men." I'm posting the (age-restricted) trailer in a bit--he's so winning the Oscar.