Saturday, July 21, 2007


The Village Voice interviewed Marion this past June. The notoriously bitchy paper (I mean that in a good way...sorta) didn't like the film so much, but was clearly impressed with Marion. In what's come to be expected, Marion works her charm and in the process gives some insight into her creative process. More interestingly, we are made privy to some of the parallels between her life and Piaf's as well as the differences.

A highlight:

"Well, I didn't have a miserable childhood, as she did. But I grew up in a poor and working-class suburb of Paris, in the projects. When I was little, it was great, everybody's door was open all the time. There were Chileans, North Africans—you got to know a lot of different cultures and people who were managing to survive on very little money."More...

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