Friday, July 27, 2007


So I'm back in New York after my bar-exam-taking trip. There's only one thing I could think of to properly celebrate: check out "La Vie En Rose" again. It certainly does wonders. I can't get over how brilliant Marion is in it. I came to it knowing exactly what was going to happen, and yet I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I also noticed a few things I hadn't noticed before, for example the fact that Dahan used a continuous shot in not one but two sequences in the film (spoiler alert: first, when the soldier plays a song for Edith and second, when Edith learns that Marcel's plane crashed, end of spoiler). How he managed to block them is beyond me, but it looks absolutely effortless on the screen.

In any case, bravo to everyone involved! May you continue rocking people's socks off forever.

PS. If you squint enough you'll be able to make out "La Vie En Rose" at the top of the marquee of my local art house, the Kew Gardens Cinema, yo.

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