Saturday, July 14, 2007


I must give props to Stephen Schaefer from the Boston Herald who is on the record as the first person predicting Marion's Oscar chances. He did so six months ago, before the Oscar ceremony where Helen Mirren was awarded with her well-deserved statue. Check out Mr. Schaefer's write up on "La Vie En Rose:"

"What makes “La Vie en Rose” so satisfying is how Dahan, propelled by Cotillard’s go-for-broke fearlessness, manages to keep a story that’s been told many times fresh and, somehow, more relevant than ever seemed possible." More...

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Victoira said...

There's no contest, she WILL win. Even if later this year Cate Blanchet, Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep played Janis Joplin, Judy Garland or Dusty Springfield in a Speilbeg-direted film written by David Mamet scored by John Williams with Dame Judi Dench in a complete transformation as Little Richard, Marion would still win by a landslide.