Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So many articles are floating out there but I'm afraid I lack the energy necessary to link them all here. Case in point, the release of "La Vie En Rose," as expected (and as definitely planned by Picturehouse) has given Marion and the film another shot in the arm. It's fantastic to see the overwhelming response to both the film and the performance. Also interesting is the fact that people who might have not appreciated the film itself have changed their mind upon a second viewing.

In any case, here's an interesting interview of Marion. Click on the link and you'll also see some video of Ms. Cotillard at the Hollywood Film Festival. Here's an excerpt of the published interview:

Despite her shyness, the 32-year-old Cotillard became close to one of Piaf’s best friends, Ginou Richet, during the making of the movie, when Richet reached out to her.

“She only told me one thing when she saw the movie,” Cotillard said of Richet. “She knew not that I don’t like compliments, but they’re very hard for me to take…She called me and said, ‘Oh, I saw the movie.’ And I did something I never do—I asked her what she was thinking about what I did.”

Richet simply replied, “Ooh la la.”

“I was very happy to get that ‘Ooh la la,’ ” Cotillard said.


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