Monday, October 8, 2007


"It's a dream... it's a dream for those who make cinema, and a dream for those who go to the cinema. If you think of all the people who stop to watch a crew at work... it's a dream, a real entertainment."

Pretty adorable, no?


jfc68 said...

Very pretty and sweet young woman.

But she speaks a very incorrect French, I would say ! In fact, she speaks Parisian slang (fluently !), not really French ! Like a 16 years old girl coming from the popular east side districts of Paris, that she still is. And what everybody likes about her, here in France, is her simplicity and her big heart.

And the fact that even if she is not a sophisticated girl, like a fashion model, she can kill a man in two seconds. Even in one second and a half. Even in one second, in fact.

A natural beauty with natural elegance, and a huge natural talent for acting, at its utmost. She is going to make it, she is fearless.

And in one or two years from now, she will speak a very good New York slang. For sure !

You can see I am a true fan.

Cotillard-Admin said...

That's interesting feedback; I never would have known the difference between proper French and a more "urban" (for lack of a better word) speak. I like the fact that she's sort of "street." It gives her a nice edge. :)

Her English is fantastic, though!