Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I have to say, one of the highlights of this experiment has been reading other people's blogs (like this one) and opinions about not only this film and its star, but life in general. Call me sentimental, but it speaks to the power of film to bring people from vastly different walks of life together.


jfc68 said...


On the road to oscar, Marion Cotillard is going to find Cate Blanchett and Keira Knightley on her way, apparently.

I have nothing against Cate Blanchett (with such a beautiful french name, how could I ?), she is a great actress, but she is basically giving a repeating performance in "The Golden Age".

I don't think Keira Knightley is such a good actress, and her part in "Atonement" is hardly more than a supporting role. And "Atonement" is a kind of second instalment of the "Pride and Prejudice" sequel, another piece of english classy literrature adapted to screen.

What's next for her, "Mr Pickwick goes on the silver screen" ?

I will see with curiosity how you analyse this situation, but to me the competition is much more fierce in the best actor award race.

Cotillard-Admin said...

Those two should have their own blogs, as their path to Oscar is as assured as Marion's--perhaps even more so for la Blanchett (whom, full disclosure, I adore). I'll probably love her in "The Golden Age," but I doubt any performance will move me like Marion's. Least of all Knightley's--though who knows. I was shocked when she got nodded for "Pride & Prejudice." Why? Seriously. She's probably a great person, but I haven't been impressed by her acting at all. That being said, I'll go into "Atonement" with an open mind. It doesn't hurt that James McAvoy is in it--he is fantastic.

I'd love to hear your picks for Best Actor. I'm at a loss there, though recently I've been thinking this might be Brad Pitt's year. Or Johnny Depp's.

jfc68 said...

Christian Bale ? I do not know, let us say Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt deserve to get something, at least a nomination. Then....

I will also see Atonement. Why not.